Unleash the Intrigue: Experience the Power of Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix – A Must-Watch Saga of Vengeance and Redemption! The Glory

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Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix

Today we have Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix: The glory review from our side to our beautiful readers to enjoy and think over. Not a typical Romance drama but does have some pure form of love in it!

Information block

DirectorAhn Gil Ho
WriterKim Eun Sook
ProducerHwa&Dam Pictures
No of Episodes16
Starting DateDec 30, 2022
Ending DateMar 10, 2023
GenreThriller, Drama, Melodrama
Song Hye KyoMoon Dong Eun
Lee Do HyunJoo Yeo Jung
Im Ji YeonPark Yeon Jin
Jung Sung IlHa Do Young
Park Sung HoonJeon Jae Joon
Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix


It’s a revenge K-drama where a group of rich friends used to bully a poor girl named Moon Dong Eun. Now, after years of disappearance she is back in their lives just to take revenge and make them pay for all the trauma she has been through by making their lives hell on earth.

Things we love about Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix

Her True self


She simply showed her true self to him to gain his trust. I liked this approach a lot better than just barging into someone’s life to seek justice. This is more trustworthy approach.

The Game


I hope you all have heard BTS’s song “waste it on me”. This whole game scenario simple represents this song. How Joo Yeo Jung knows that Moon Dong Eun is using him, shows how much he loves her.



After all the things she is been through, the fact she worked hard instead of crying over spilled milk is what inspires me so much. She literally used the main as a fuel to get better.

Green Flag


This boy you see is nothing but a green flag or i must say he is green forest. He knows how she feels and knows her pain. Instead of telling her to leave her past and to move on. He owned every scar of hers. And helped her to punish the evil.



The casting of Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix: the glory is worth appreciating. Not only the main leads but the whole cast was selected very precisely. Cast is something which can make or break a drama, and this cast definitely stood out!



He is how a father should be! He knew that the daughter he loves isn’t his own, but he still cared and loved her like a true father.

Park Sung Hoon


Everyone worked hard in this Revenge Korean Drama on Netflix: The Glory but what she did was not something i was expecting. She was so good. Her styling scene, her visuals and more than anything her acting won many hearts. She was indeed a hidden gem in this show.

Our Favorite Quote

Don’t apologize. I didn’t bet my teenage years, twenties, and thirties on this just for an apology. You need to get punished. Criminal punishment if God’s on your side, and divine punishment if God’s on my side

Moon Dong Eun

Official Trailer

BTS of The Glory

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