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Celebrity Netflix Series Review

An honest Celebrity Netflix Series Review for you all. Do read the whole post and share your thoughts in comment section.

K-drama information block

DirectorKim Chul Gyu
WriterKim Yi Young
ProducerKim Young-kyu, Lee Ki-hyuk, Park Jin-hyung, Son Ki-won
No of Episodes12
Starting DateJun 30, 2023
Ending DateJun 30, 2023
GenreThriller, Mystery, Drama
Park Gyu YoungSeo Ah Ri
Kang Min HyukHan Joon Kyung
Lee Chung AhYoon Shi Hyun
Jeon Hyo SungOh Min Hye
Celebrity Netflix Series Review


Story revolves around a girl named Seo Ah ri who was born rich, but her family got bankrupted. After the tragedy Seo Ah ri starts to work hard for her future ignoring her past life. One day, by chance she meets her old school friend who didn’t know about Seo Ah ri’s financial condition, and she invites her to a party full of influencers. Her mother insisted her to go and gives her a fancy and expensive dress which she got for dry cleaning. This party is where the show starts. Soon she dies and starts to do a LIVE show and starts exposing everyone on social media. This is all you can get from Celebrity Netflix Series Review on this page because we promise a spoiler free review.

Things we love about Celebrity Netflix Series Review

Yoon Shi Hyun


She is just like an angle. She was so nice the entire series that i had this feeling, maybe she is the final villain kind of girl. But she proved me wrong. And i am glad about it!

The Difference


The time when she felt the difference between their world was a simple scene, but it creamed many things at once. And i loved how our hero boy explains her that if he breaks this chain then many will suffer. We got a very wise boy in this Netflix series.

First Encounter


Here our boy knew that he met someone different even though he came to her because he thought that he knows her. This dress is the one he had gifted to his ex. This interaction was funny for me, i liked it.

The intensity


The intensity of this Netflix series is very high. And this scene deserves a separate fan base. Our poor boy was searching for her and finally get to see her here. You all need to see this to experience it! It was enchanting.

Group’s Acting


My Mother always say if you hate villain of any series then it means they have done a good job. And i can confirm that these girls really got on my nerves.

Our favorite quote from the show

A worthless human that tramples on others to feel their self-worth. Unaware that a human’s true self is exposed when they hit rock bottom, not when they’re climbing.

Seo Ari

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