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where to watch extraordinary you

See where to watch extraordinary you.



“Number 13” / Ha Ru

where to watch extraordinary you

Kim Hye Yoon

Eun Dan Oh

Lee Jae Wook

Baek Kyung

where to watch extraordinary you

INFO Block

DirectorKim Sang Hyub, Kim Sang Woo
WriterIn Ji Hye, Song Ha Young
ProducerMoon Joo-hee, Namkoong Sung-woo
No of Episodes32
Starting DateOct 2, 2019
Ending DateNov 21, 2019
GenreComedy, Romance, Youth, Fantasy
where to watch extraordinary you

Where to Watch Extraordinary You

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Extraordinary you Review


Bond between these two was so beautiful they understood each other so well! Their friendship was a goal indeed!

where to watch extraordinary you


Her bubbly and cheerful character made this show so fun to watch. She added life to this character!

where to watch extraordinary you


Storyline of this show is remarkable! How they made it look like a comic and made them a couple in various timelines was a genius work indeed.

extraordinary you

Beauty with Brains

I literally feel like she was the only one with the brain in the show! How she handled every situation without getting swayed was the best point we should get motivation from!

extraordinary you

Them ❤

My Ultimate ship was, is and will always be them! They looked cute and their story building was very emotional which we fangirls love the most. But i am sad that they didn’t end up together.

extraordinary you

Cute Couple

They together make a very lovable cute couple. specially i love their height difference!

extraordinary you

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