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viki true beauty

Welcome to a ride full of emotions of love and confusion. In times where the beauty is everything see how this young lady finds love and confidence in life.


This is romantic comedy where Lin Joo Gyung used to get bullied because she couldn’t reach beauty standards but soon rise to popularity due to her makeup skills in new school. There she meets new people and made many friends but now she is afraid what will happen if everybody finds the truth behind her beauty.


Mun Ka Young as Lim Joo Gyung

👉Beauty guru with kind heart but in cruel world until she finds new friends.

Cha Eun Wo
as Lee Su Ho

👉Popular class topper who seems cold but is soft from inside and happens to be her childhood friend.

Hwang In Youp
as Han Seo Jun

👉 Trouble maker but with good intensions. Falls for Lim Joo Gyung but gives up because of Suho.

Park You Na
as Kang Soo Jin

👉Good at everything but still not able to impress her dad. In one sided love with Lee Suho.


DirectorKim Sang Hyub
WriterLee Shi Eun
ProducerKwon Mi-kyung Moon Seok-hwan Oh Kwang-hee
No of Episodes16
Starting DateDec 9, 2020
Ending DateFeb 4, 2021
GenreComedy, Romance, Youth, Drama
viki true beauty

Viki True Beauty Reveiw

Best siblings

And the best siblings award goes to them. They were different in nature but in love i think they act the same lol.

The Apology

This apology is a trendsetter. The way everyone was confused about what to write but Han Seojun just wrote apology and won our hearts.


It’s 2024 and i still remember this cute poem and boy.


This is one of the best Cameo i ever had because i am huge fan of Extraordinary you.

Childhood connection

We often overlook our hobby if they are don’t seem as productive. but in this drama, they were able to connect back because they loved comic books.

Coolest Unnie

she is such an inspiration breaking all the stereo types.

Green Couple

I call them green couple because both of them were so good to each other and unique in every manner.

Heart breaks

There were many heart breaks in the k-drama and each of them was very intense. Both of these heart breaks not only the heart of characters but of whole fandoms. And at the end the letting go was painful and peaceful as well.

Viki true beauty


The bonds in this show were all worst praising but this one is my favorite.

Viki true beauty

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