Honoring the Legacy: Unveiling the Heroic Journey in ‘Remember the Son of War’ – A Gripping Tale of Courage and Sacrifice

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Remember the Son of War

“Remember the Son of War” is one of the K-dramas where you will feel helpless and wouldn’t stop crying. The brilliant acting of the cast will make you feel connected to them. Here is a friendly disclaimer from us to take tissues with you while watching.


This is a story about a boy who is seeking justice for his father. His father is in jail because of the crime he never committed but is unable to seek justice because he doesn’t remember anything. After seeing cold shoulder from everywhere now he decides to become a lawyer and take the task in his hands. Son had  hyperthymia which worked in his favor but soon the odds turned against his as he started to develop Alzheimer’s.


DirectorLee Chang Min
WriterYoon Hyun Ho
ProducerPark Chang-yong Jo Gun-won
No of Episodes20
Starting DateDec 9, 2015
Ending DateFeb 18, 2016
GenreThriller, Mystery, Law, Romance
Yoo Seung HoSeo Jin Woo
Park Sung WoongPark Dong Ho
Namkoong MinNam Gyu Man
Park Min YoungLee In Ah

Review: Remember the Son of War

Here are few points that we liked about this beautifully crafted show.


There is a scene in this drama where the father buys phone for his son but always forgets to give it to him. It showed that no matter how many times he saw the situation where his son is struggling with the phone his instincts always tell him to buy one for him.

Lee In Ah

She was perfect nona material in this show. She stayed with his supported him and helped him in every way possible.

The coolest lawyer

He was indeed the coolest lawyer in the whole series and Park Sung Woong absolutely did the justice with his character. The fact he knew that he could crush the other party but didn’t because Seo Jin Woo life was at stake says all about his character.

The Intense Acting

Whether it’s his innocence phase or revenge phase everything screamed perfection. He absolutely did a splendid job.

Mature couple

Their couple felt mature to me as thy went through a lot that’s why i liked them.


I liked the performance of everyone whether of a villain hero or side character in ‘Remember the Son of War’.

Remember the son of war

Favorite Lines

Our deal is not over.
Don’t trust me anymore but have trust in my actions.

Park Dong Ho

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