Unveiling the Timeless Tale: A Comprehensive Youth of May 2021 Review

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Youth of May 2021 Review

Today we represent Youth of May 2021 Review. A beautiful tale that tells the story of everlasting love and waiting of decades but it’s not a fantasy K-drama. A dream like K-drama having a nightmare ending. But you shouldn’t be sad or mad about it. After all, it revives the hope of getting true love once again. now, let’s jump into our Youth of May 2021 Review.

K-drama Info

DirectorSong Min-yeob
ProducerAhn Chang-hyun Kang Bo-young
WriterLee Kang
No. of Episodes12
Airing dateMay 3, 2021
Ending dateJun 8, 2021
Lee Do HyunHwang Hee Tae
Go Min SiKim Myung Hee
Geum Sae RokLee Soo Ryun
Lee Sang YiLee Soo Chan
information about the K-drama


Youth of May 2021 Review contains the story of a Hwang Hee Tae a medical student falling in love with Kim Myung Hee a nurse in a small town. falling in love bought so many hardships to their lives which were kind of a bonus of hardships because they were already in miserable life because of their fathers. As this K-drama is set in 1980s during the gwangju uprising so, a lot of politics were involved.

Youth of May 2021 Review

We loved watching this masterpiece. Chemistry between the leads was amazing. But overall, it was an intense K-Drama you have to watch carefully to understand the theme and struggles. And as always here too we got to see a beautiful friendship bond.

Kdramasia rating

Rating4 out of 5

Things that Hooked me to this K-drama

Their first fake date


The reason i call it fake is because girl filled in for her friend because she did not want to get married. It was Mung hee’s first interaction with Hwang Hee Tae. but Hee-tae already saw her on street saving the life a kid and that’s what impressed our boy. overall, this date was so cute, fun and wholesome to next level specially the shopping scene.

Friendship goals


From sacrificing everything to doing anything for each other they both stood by each other like a wall. just to protect each other but destiny had other plans.



I just loved each and every one of the pieces they both wore. The style, the color, the vibe our K-drama had everything a fashion lover could ask for.

Being there

Youth of May 2021 Review


A lot happened during the whole show, but they always stood with each other. Actually, it’s representation of through thick and thin.

Marriage Vows

Youth of May 2021 Review


This scene is where we all were emotionally invested. Beautifully written but more beautifully executed. The vows they took touched everyone heart.

Last but not the least, The Cast


Everyone performed so well that at some point you feel bad for all. Tragic love and friendship are something we all love to watch and hate to feel.

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