Healer 2014 Review: Unveiling the Timeless Magic of this Cinematic Gem

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Healer 2014 Review

This is the healer 2014 review, The first K-drama that I have watched is Healer that’s why I am writing about it. First K-K-drama is so important for you because it will decide whether you will watch K-K-dramas in the future or not. Healers is very famous not only in South Korea but also the whole world and two things made it famous, one is its story, and the other is its characters.  After watching this K-K-drama I don’t think you will like any other K-drama easily because it has suspense, comedy, romance, and everything. Read our review and then tell us whether you agree with us or not!

K-drama Info

Episodes: 20

Genre: Action; ‎Thriller‎; ‎Romance


Ji Chang-WookSeo Jung-Ho
Park Min-YoungChae Young-Shin
Yoo Ji-Tae Kim Moon-Ho

Story of the K-drama

 This K-drama has a lot of twists and turns that’s why it is so exciting K-drama I will try to make you understand well but still if there is any mistake, I am sorry in advance. Chae Young-Shin was lost in her childhood, she meets a lawyer, and the lawyer takes care of her and raises her as his own daughter. now that she is grown up, she wants to be a good reporter like her favorite reporter Yoo Ji-Tae. But a lot of hurdles come in her way.

Suddenly one day Yoo Ji-Tae buys the channel she works in, and she gets an assistant. Her Assistant is not a normal person but a very talented night courier (who does everything client asks and gets paid) with code name Healer.

After realizing that this is the child he is looking for, he starts working against his brother and provides even more security to the girl. Meanwhile in the process Seo Jung-Ho (healer) falls in love with Chae Young-Shin.

What is the connection between her favorite reporter and her and our boy Healer! to know all this, you have to watch the K-drama, believe me, there is not even an episode that you should miss, so watch the whole episode. here in Healer 2014 Review we will not be giving you spoilers.

Healer 2014 Review

As I have mentioned earlier this was my first K-drama, and I want to tell you that I was truly impressed. I don’t think that if I had a bad encounter I would be in this K-K-drama world right now. A good K-K-drama is important to make you a true fan. It’s a boost of entertainment you can watch to get away from daily life worries. and it’s very funny and I give it a rating of four out of five because I don’t like dramas that wrap up so quickly. but the rest of the K-drama is very thrilling, and everyone should watch it. Hope you like this healer 2014 review.

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